Gorgeous Deep-Sea Footage Of 'An Unusually Large' Dumbo Octopus

Deep-sea researchers led by Robert Ballard (best known for his 1985 discovery of the Titanic wreckage) have caught a rare, extended look at an uncharacteristically jumbo dumbo octopus, with the aid of a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) in the unlit depths of the Caribbean sea. » 9/01/14 6:33pm Yesterday 6:33pm

How A Viral Video Revealed A Previously Undocumented Ant Behavior

Ants are incredible little creatures, known especially for their complex societies and teamwork, but we've never quite seen them work together like this. In this video, the speed of the internet meets the deliberateness of the scientific enterprise and reveals the limitations of each. » 9/01/14 10:00am Yesterday 10:00am

Citizen Science Helped Us Understand More About The Adorable Olinguito

It was just a year ago when the world first formally met the olinguito. The discovery of the creature - the first mammal discovered in the Americas in 35 years - made it the smallest member of the family that includes raccoons, coatis, kinkajous and olingos. Thanks to crowdsourcing, we now know a whole lot more about… » 8/26/14 10:00am 8/26/14 10:00am

The Woodpecker's Guide to Avoiding Head Injuries

Most woodpeckers use their beaks to drill into tree trunks in search of tasty bugs and their larvae. One group of 'peckers, the sapsuckers, lick the sap out of the holes they drill using their long, brush-like tongues. The acorn woodpecker drills holes to store individual acorns. Colonies of acorn woodpeckers can… » 8/22/14 1:00pm 8/22/14 1:00pm